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The Dream Copper Pot Set

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For years, I’ve dreamt of owning a copper pot set. I pictured them dangling from a rack hoisted above my stove (for aesthetic purposes and convenience). The dream kitchen I’ve always envisioned is rustic, Euro-inspired and filled with a mix of natural materials, like iron, wood and copper.

This past year, my partner Darren and I moved into a new space and, for the first time in our lives, decided to invest some time and energy into our new home’s decor. What began as a design project turned into a renovation (of course), and the project ended up taking five months. Pictured is a shot of our new exposed kitchen shelving, which is perfect for showcasing prized kitchen possessions, like the KitchenAid Tri-Ply Copper 10-Piece Set I finally got my hands on!

Another “first” is being able to proudly reveal the pots and pans I’m using when demoing recipes. I’ve never loved my pots and pans, so I’d always hide them when shooting cooking videos for Snapchat or YouTube. Now, I go out of my way to reveal them. Another perk arose during a recent dinner party. Instead of transferring dishes from my pots and pans to more attractive serving dishes, I now keep the food in the copper pots and pans because they add beauty to the tablescape.

Over time, I’ve noticed my pots and pans tarnishing a bit — the copper colour has become darker and uneven in spots. I love this. I’m not a fan of “new” things, so that worn-in look is beautiful to me. If you prefer the “perfect and shiny” look, you’ll have to polish your set (but this is easy and typical with all copper items).

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Technical upsides to this particular copper pot set: it’s made with a three-layer design (copper, aluminum and steel) to provide efficient, even heating. The set includes etched measurement markings (so you don’t have to dirty your measuring cups), riveted stainless steel handles, domed tempered glass lids and a stainless steel base. They’re also induction-capable and oven safe up to 500F.

Here’s a link to my 10-piece pot set. You can find it at national retailers or online at kitchenaid.ca.

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