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When I was a kid, one of our very favorite meals was when mom made a roast beef. It was a meal that we all loved, especially because of those wonderful leftover roast beef sandwiches. These’s something special to me about a roast beef sandwich smothered in creamy horseradish sauce paired with a garlicky pickle.


Today I still love to make a big roast beef, especially on Sunday so we can enjoy the leftovers throughout the week, and I still make it pretty much the same as mom did. I start with a good cut of beef, because that’s the most important thing. Then I add a simple seasoning. My favorite is Montreal Steak Seasoning. To make sure the seasoning is just the way I like it, I usually make my own in big batches, and then save it for other steak, burger and beef recipes too.


I’m pretty liberal on the seasoning. I love the flavor that is adds to the beef. After seasoning the beef, I sear it on the stovetop before transferring it to the oven.


To bake, I like to bake my roast beef at about 325°. Then I roast just until the middle is cooked, but still nice and pink. I remove the roast when the temperature is 135°, but then let the roast rest until the temperature raises to 145°. The rest period for roast beef is essential to finish the cooking process and ensure a nice juicy roast beef.


To me, horseradish is essential to roast beef. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a slice of roast beef without it. But in our family, we always keep it simple, and just use fresh grated horseradish. It’s simple, it’s easy, but it can be boring year after year.

So a few weeks ago, I heard about apple horseradish, which at first thought seemed a little odd, but I thought, hey, why not? So I took my new KitchenAid® Juicer and Sauce Attachment and set out to make some great applesauce that I would then mix with some creamy horseradish.


I first started with using the sauce pulp screen in my KitchenAid® Juicer and Sauce Attachment. Can you believe this little attachment is so awesome that it even makes sauces? Then I just added some hearty apples and turned it on. After I had the sauce, I added it to a small sauce pan and simmered it until it was thick with a few spices.

Then when my applesauce was done, I added the creamy prepared horseradish, and the results were amazing. You could use either regular horseradish from the refrigerated isle of the grocery store, or the creamy prepared version. For this recipe, I used the creamy one, and the sauce had a wonderful creamy texture that paired wonderfully with the roast beef.


I loved this apple horseradish sauce so much, I may never go back to simple horseradish again. The flavor was so incredible, so simple, and unlike anything I’ve had before. I know this horseradish would also be just as good on a pork roast as it was with this roast beef.


For sides I made simple mashed potatoes with cream and butter mixed in and steamed broccoli. It was a wonderful dinner that we’ll be making again and again for years to come.




Makes 4-6 servings


For the Montreal steak seasoning recipe

2 tablespoons kosher salt
1 tablespoons black pepper
1 tablespoons paprika
1/2 tablespoon granulated onion
1/2 tablespoon granulated garlic
1/2 tablespoon dill seed
1/2 tablespoon red pepper flakes
1/2 tablespoon coriander

For the roast beef

1 sirloin tip roast (2-3 pounds)
Montreal steak seasoning
Olive oil

For the homemade applesauce

1 pound peeled and cored apples, cut into quarters
1 tablespoon brown sugar

For the creamy apple horseradish sauce

1/4 cup prepared cream horseradish
1/4 cup homemade applesauce (recipe follows)
A small bunch of roughly chopped Italian parsley, for garnish


For the Montreal steak seasoning
Combine all ingredients and mix well.

For the roast beef

Heat oven to 325°. Heat a heavy cast iron skillet over medium heat. Season roast beef well on all sides with steak seasoning. Drizzle skillet with olive oil. Add roast beef and sear on each side. Place roast in oven and roast at 325° until internal temperature is 135° (Approximately 45 min to an hour). Remove from oven and let rest until internal temperature is 145°. Slice and serve paired with Creamy Apple Horseradish Sauce.

For the homemade applesauce

Fit your KitchenAid® Stand Mixer with the Juicer and Sauce Attachment with the sauce pulp screen and run the apples through the attachment. Pour the apple pulp into a saucepan and add the brown sugar. Simmer until the sauce thickens.

For the creamy apple horseradish sauce

Mix both ingredients well. Garnish with Italian parsley.
KA Blog 630x420 0004 020215 RevUpRoastBeef



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