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Tradition is one of the things we love most. It can be the driving force behind everything from the perfect Thanksgiving roast, to an indulgent vanilla bean birthday cake, or warm strawberry rhubarb crumble on Victoria Day. This year, tradition met game-changing innovation, as KitchenAid unveiled a number of new countertop appliances and a revolutionary new line of major appliances with an all-new design, and performance to match. Each piece is designed to spark even more culinary creativity for home chefs, while still holding true to the heritage and tradition of the brand.

For over 95 years, KitchenAid has been an iconic part of many kitchens, helping passionate home chefs make delicious memories. So imagine our delight when two special consumers reached out to us with their very own #KitchenAidLove story.

Barbara and Joanne have kept their own kitchen legacies alive through the tradition of KitchenAid appliances. Their now grown-up families have enjoyed years of culinary creations with help from a brand they love. Now, decades later, they’ve kept the tradition going by introducing new KitchenAid products into their own homes.

Sparkling Dishes Since the Sixties

Barbara is about to celebrate a 50th anniversary… with her KitchenAid® dishwasher. Since her father first purchased her family’s dishwasher in the sixties, this appliance has served Barbara in her family home, her own apartment, and later in her first home in Toronto. Her KitchenAid “Superba” is currently enduring cold, Canadian winters at the family cottage in Muskoka. Barbara tells us it’s never needed so much as a service call, and she’s proud to see the family tradition already set to continue. Her son and soon-to-be daughter-in-law have received their own KitchenAid appliances as wedding shower presents to help start their new life together.

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A Long Way from Pierogi Night in Yorkton

Joanne’s story dates back to 1968, when she received her first KitchenAid® stand mixer. Joanne’s mother-in-law gifted her the stand mixer after having her own unique experience with the kitchen staple. Her in-laws ran a hotel in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, and legend has it that the Mixer made possible the hotel’s infamous Friday night pierogi special. With a rich, Ukrainian history already under the Mixer’s belt, Joanne went on to use her KitchenAid® stand mixer for 47 years, creating her own notorious family recipe. Her signature (secret) recipe, Red River bread, accompanied by from-scratch cream cheese is the stand mixer’s latest claim to fame.

We want to thank Joanne and Barbara for their stories. While we’re normally focused on warming up the oven, we love the way these stories warmed our hearts.

The KitchenAid legacy is about so much more than appliances, and we’d love to hear more stories that have contributed to your little piece of home chef history. If you have a story, connect with us on Facebook or Twitter. We can’t wait to hear your #KitchenAidLove stories! Here’s to the next 95 years.

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