- Introducing the KitchenAid® Culinary Community Introducing the KitchenAid® Culinary Community

Introducing the KitchenAid® Culinary Community

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We’re excited to announce and introduce our KitchenAid Culinary Community, the KitchenAid Makers. This group of passionate makers have a genuine love of food and will take us on their culinary journey by creating unique recipes and taking part in a series of cooking challenges throughout the year. Follow the KitchenAid Makers and their personal culinary journey at the #KitchenAidMakers and prepare to be inspired!


Meet our Culinary Community, the KitchenAid Makers:

Pay Chen – @PayChen 

Pay is a busy media personality, writer and passionate cook and baker. When she isn’t on morning shows or national daytime programs such as Breakfast Television Toronto, Cityline or CTV Morning Live in various cities, she is frequently cooking, sharing or relishing the joys of food. Pay will share her culinary journey through her love of sweets and baking to exploring new and diverse recipes inspired by her travels.



What do you enjoy about being in the kitchen?

I find being in the kitchen very relaxing and calming…and a wonderful way to procrastinate when I have a long to-do list. People think I cook and bake because I love to share. This is partially true but the real reason is because I love to eat.



Sweet Potato Chronicles: Ceri Marsh and Laura Keogh – @SweetPotatoChronicles

Fashion editors turned busy moms, Ceri and Laura know what it takes to feed a family and love sharing their recipe tips and tricks to create the perfect family meal. With some important mouths to feed, the notion of healthy and delicious food has become Ceri and Laura’s greatest passion. Sweet Potato Chronicles will take us on their culinary journey by educating and inspiring parents on how to make delicious meals and recipes from the most wholesome, and nutritious ingredients.



What do you enjoy about being in the kitchen?

Ceri: I love being in the kitchen for so many reasons. It’s either time on my own where I can unwind from my day, or it’s time spent with my kids, having fun and making a mess. I love the easy feeling of cooking something I’ve made hundreds of times before or the thrill of trying something new. But most of all, I love knowing that I’m feeding my family healthy meals and bringing us together around the table.

Laura: I love being in the kitchen because it’s where I can be creative and it’s also where I can spend time with my family whether we’re cooking together, baking or just sharing a meal together at the table. As a mother and wife, I have a sense of happiness and pride when we share and enjoy a meal I prepared together.



Christelle Tanielian – @Christellerocks

Christelle is a Montreal-based food blogger, food stylist and photographer, and her two greatest passions in life are travel and cuisine. She combines her love of food and travel to explore new cultures, and meet new people. Being an avid traveller, Christelle has lived in Paris, Barcelona, Krakow, Dublin, as well as travelled through the Trans-Siberian train from Russia to China.



What do you enjoy about being in the kitchen?

In my family, we’re passionate about food. I enjoy preparing food in the kitchen to share with the people I love (including myself!).



Jennifer Pallian – @Foodess

Jennifer began her blog as a creative outlet while studying scientific food theories in a university cooking lab. She likes to think of her blog as a happy and noisy gathering place to share life over good food. Jennifer’s career path was guided by her love of cooking, feeding others and a life spent obsessing over what she could eat next. Follow Jennifer’s culinary journey as she demonstrates how food can be a creative outlet in people’s busy lives.



What do you enjoy about being in the kitchen?

I cook for three reasons. Firstly, I think there’s nothing sweeter than to share life over good food. I cook to nourish and delight the appetites of the people that I love. Secondly, I also am never more intensely focused, but in a relaxed way, than when I’m in the kitchen. Cooking is active meditation for me. (So basically yoga, but with sprinkles.) And thirdly, I just really love to eat.



Zehra Allibhai – @Zallibhai

To Zehra, nourishing meals are more than just that – they are dishes that feed and nourish our bodies. Healthy eating, fitness and being a loving mother of two are Zehra’s greatest passions. With a Kinesiology and Health Sciences background, she uses this knowledge to encourage her followers to live a healthier life through nutritional eating and ongoing fitness. Zehra’s culinary journey will share delicious and nourishing food that nurture our bodies while pushing culinary limits.


What do you enjoy about being in the kitchen?

I love cooking fresh, delicious and healthy food for my family. It’s something we loved growing up, my mom cooking us our favourite meals. I love seeing the kids’ faces when they see that I’m making one of their fave dishes. I also love testing out new recipes and sharing them for others to try on my blog:)



Chef Corbin – @Chefcorbin1

Chef Corbin’s vision is to bring meaning back to the world of food by focusing on the sentiment of shared joy of creating, and away from strict rules. As an executive chef of key Toronto restaurants and hotels, author of the cookbook, “In Good Company”, and chef host on several Food Network Shows including, The Incredible Food Race, Dinner Party Wars, Restaurant Makeover and Restaurant Takeover, Chef Corbin believes food is a part of every great thing we do in life. Follow Chef Corbin’s culinary journey as he shares his culinary expertise and true passion for food and making memories.



Why do you cook/bake? Or what do you enjoy about being in the kitchen?

I am a creative and artistic person and cooking is my outlet to express my inventiveness and expression on a plate.  Cooking for others gives me great joy, and knowing that I can connect people through food and have them share stories using food as a catalyst is pretty incredible.  I also use time in the kitchen as an opportunity to relax and truly enjoy my passion in life; whether it is at work where I can mentor and train other cooks or preparing a meal with my children at home- cooking rarely feels like a job, but rather something I just love doing!

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