- KitchenAid: The Best Performing Dishwasher Brand KitchenAid: The Best Performing Dishwasher Brand

KitchenAid: The Best Performing Dishwasher Brand

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KitchenAid® has been offering leading-edge dishwasher innovations for over 60 years.

Now, with the highest combined wash and dry scores among leading premium brands* in the industry, KitchenAid® is proud to be the best performing dishwasher brand.

Known for superior wash & dry performance, KitchenAid® Dishwashers deliver exceptional quality and design, and can be trusted to get the job done every time. They are built to remove the toughest stains and messes, while being gentle enough for your delicate stemware, so so all you have to do is put away sparkling clean dishes.

It’s not just one feature that sets KitchenAid dishwashers apart – it’s all of the well-designed features. They work together to produce sparkling clean dishes every time. Our exceptional wash and dry performance, combined with quiet operation and easy-to-use functions let you focus on your next culinary adventure without worrying about the clean up.


Exceptional Wash Performance:

Pressure-optimizing wash arms produce powerful sprays for complete wash and rinse coverage, along with the following options and cycles to suit your needs:

Pro-Scrub Option: This innovation uses 40 targeted spray jets at the back of the dishwasher to master stubborn messes like seared, caramelized, or baked-on foods, so pots and pans do not need soaking or pre-scrubbing.

Pro-Scrub Trio Option: In addition to the 40 spray jets at the back of the dishwasher, there are two dedicated spray zones in the upper rack to reach into deeper, odd-shaped items like baby bottles or smoothie glasses.

Pro-Wash Cycle: The most advanced and versatile cycle, ProWash cycle senses the load size, soil amount and toughness of soil to adjust the cycle for optimal cleaning using only the amount of water and energy needed.


Superior drying performance is one reason that KitchenAid dishwashers deliver better results than the competition.1

Heat Dry Option: Delivers sparkling clean and dry results by activating a recessed heating element at the end of the cycle.

Pro-Dry Option: This option adds a ventilation fan to the Heat Dry option to circulate warm air throughout the dishwasher to optimize drying performance.

Large Capacity: The widely spaced tines and large, spacious racks promote better air circulation for faster drying.

(1) Among leading premium brands, with rinse aid.

A Level of Quiet for Everyone

We’ve worked hard to reduce the noise of KitchenAid® dishwashers by reducing the source of water noise, mechanical noise and by blocking the path of noise. KitchenAid models offer sound levels as low as 39 bBA – the equivalent to that of a library.

Room to Clean

Large, awkward dishes? No problem! Easily arrange and adjust the upper rack to fit dishes of any size below with the Premium Adjusters feature.

The Satinglide® Max System provides an ultra smooth feeling when pulling out the racks which is perfect for heavier loads.

Designed for outstanding storage, the Improved Silverware Basket and 3rd Level Rack Option provide optimal space for all of your cooking utensils.


Timeless Design for any Kitchen

When choosing a dishwasher to fit with the current décor in your kitchen you shouldn’t feel you have to settle on design. With KitchenAid®, you can select the style so you get exactly the look you want.

Choose between:
o A fully visible console



o A fully integrated console

o A fully integrated console with ultra handle

o A fully integrated console panel ready


Available in Black, White, Panel-Ready and Stainless Steel, you can choose whether you want your appliance to stand out or seamlessly blend into your current décor for a premium built-in look.

No matter what style you choose, you can trust that load after load will come out sparkling clean so you can fearlessly take on your next culinary challenge.

For more information, please visit: http://www.kitchenaid.ca/dishwashers

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