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Kitchen Design 101 for Loft Living

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As a designer and television design personality, one of the most common questions I’m asked is where to invest money in a home to guarantee the biggest return on investment. Most designers will tell you to invest in bathrooms and kitchens, but in my opinion, kitchens top the list.

As a society, we’ve learned to love the idea of an “open concept” design, which more often than not puts the kitchen at the forefront of the home and makes it the entertaining hub when hosting guests. This is especially true with condo or loft living.

My own personal aesthetic is definitely more mod, and deciding to buy a loft really encompasses all that I truly love in terms of architectural character. But, loft living does come with its unique design challenges. Eleven foot ceilings and minimal interior partitions can often lead to a sparse and uninviting feeling. However, the proper use of materials and finishes can help create a sense of warmth that might otherwise be lacking.

This was the case for our kitchen remodel.

We purchased our loft with the intent of keeping its architectural integrity, but I wanted to create a proper residence within its walls. I achieved my design goal by choosing warmer wood tones and balancing it with glossy finishes for the millwork. The hand-stamped artisan backsplash tiles, paired with matte black finishes, added a touch of bohemian attitude. But after deciding all that, I still needed to make my appliance selection.


I believe that appliances are the most important investment you’ll make when redesigning a kitchen. They are the only detail that could make or break the kitchen, whether that be the design integrity or function, which are top design considerations in any space.

After working with many kitchen brands over the years, I’ve found KitchenAid to be the brand I recommend most for others and in my own home. I like appliances that encompass a more industrial look, but don’t compromise on function. The KitchenAid appliances in my new home have design-savvy and professionally inspired details, like sleek and satin cross hatched handles and the iconic red medallions capping the ends.


When it came time to choose a refrigerator, I’ve always been a big fan of French door so I was happy to find a KitchenAid 30” model. This width of this model is ideal for condo/loft living due to the shorter door swing.

I knew that exterior water and ice dispensers was not something I envisioned and this particular KitchenAid model had a solution for that as well. The design of the fridge placed the dispenser on the interior gable as to not take away from the sleek exterior design. The 30” width of the fridge did not mean I had to compromise on interior storage and organization solutions. The fridge still included a full-width pantry drawer for easy access.

The range I selected was designed with front panel controls as opposed to side/back panel, to keep the modern and industrial design at the forefront. This versatile range is a space saver with an added baking drawer that can heat up to 450 degrees, to add even more cooking options to the oven.


The sleek design I envisioned and found in my other kitchen appliances, also extended to the KitchenAid dishwasher I selected. Both the range and convection oven have glass windows, and KitchenAid understood that having a window detail would keep the overall look and feel of the appliances consistent. Not to mention, this gives you the ability to see inside once your dishes are clean!

Though a well-designed kitchen can often be costly, investing in this space with the proper finishes and appliances is paramount. This is the one room in your home that friends and family will love for many years, and will put some extra cash in your pocket if it comes time to move.

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