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I’m a longstanding fan of smoothies. I love them for their ease. I also lean on them for their ability to camouflage ingredients that are suddenly passé to my daughter. What’s that you say, little bean? Blueberries were your favorite yesterday but, news flash; today they’re the plague? Not to worry. I’ll still mix them into your morning smoothie under the flavorful veil of a banana and an apple. After all, you really can’t go wrong with a recipe that promises a large dose of fruits in one little glass. But what about our greens?

Since I’m never one to shy away from a challenge, I’ve wanted, for a long time, to get my daughter hooked on juices. Fresh juices have a unique ability to offer vital and nutrient dense greens in a delivery system that is way more appealing to younger palettes then, let’s say, a plate full of steamed broccoli. Ok, let’s be honest, I also like to drink my greens. The benefits of a diet abundant in leafy green vegetables and fruits are proven, but it can be difficult to manage the recommended 5 to 13 servings per day. For years I’ve frequented my local organic market to get my juice fix since I’ve never had the room for another bulky appliance on my counter. However, my latest KitchenAid® Stand Mixer Attachment has made it easier than ever to help my family drink their fruit and greens. It’s the best juicer for our busy family. And, besides, what could be better than pouring a cool and tasty glass of vitamins that you can dress up with a fancy straw?

The KitchenAid® Juice and Sauce Attachment pops into my stand mixer and helps me slow juice my fresh produce into healthy drinks and snacks. And, like space, I have little time so, thankfully, the Extra Wide Feed Tube and stainless slicing blade helps me turn soft, hard and leafy fruits and veggies into smooth beverages in record time. I’m not saying we’re going to break up with our smoothies but this recipe for my daughter’s new favorite juice, The Green Hercules, does make us want to play the field.

When I initially made this juice, I used a whopping 3 inches of ginger. I loved the snap it gave the juice but this recipe is much more kid-friendly. My daughter now looks forward to her after school juice and I feel a huge sense of achievement when, using the back of her hand, she wipes the green mustache from her upper lip.

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