I love this wintry season of entertaining when there’s a chill in the air, holiday music is playing everywhere you go, and friends stop by for short or long visits. Impromptu gatherings are just fine with us during the holidays. It always feels good to be prepared to share a cup of coffee, a latte, or an espresso with our guests, because we have on our kitchen counter a beautiful, shiny KitchenAid® Pro Line® Series Espresso Maker, which makes being hospitable very, very easy.

We’re an espresso family–we love it in the morning, in the afternoon, and for dessert. Why indulge in heavy, high calorie desserts when you can have a rich, hot, decadent cup of Cinnamon Infused Espresso with Spiced Whipped Cream?


Better yet, when you do have the time for holiday baking, there are some delicious recipes with coffee or espresso as one of the key ingredients that you can serve right alongside your coffee drink.


Our new shiny Pro Line® Series Espresso Maker with Dual Independent Boilers sits in its own space, what we call our “coffee corner.” Ready to use at all times, it’s such a special treat to serve our guests.

We’ve found that guests feel like they’re treated right when they’re offered a cup of espresso!

Our latest coffee treat, using Storyville’s plush well-rounded roast coffee beans, is perfect for any holiday gathering because it has a creamy, spicy whipped topping that really tops it off right.


Grind fresh cinnamon sticks, and place the grind on top of the espresso beans (which are ground with a separate grinder) before processing.


Tamp it down.


The cinnamon infuses into the coffee and the flavor is out of this world.

Top it off with a dollop of Spiced Whipped Cream, which only takes a few minutes to make. A delicious little combination of cinnamon, coffee, cream, and nutmeg.

Garnish each cup with half of a cinnamon stick.


And serve!

The Pro Line® Series Espresso Maker with Dual Independent Boilers is designed for the home barista, and it features a dual boiler system which allows you to brew espresso and steam milk at the same time, or to switch from brewing to frothing instantly.

It has quick heating to reach a boil in less than 6 minutes and has a built-in warming shelf and rail for 4-6 espresso cups. It features a hot water dispenser for making Americanos, tea, hot chocolate and other drinks. It comes with a frothing pitcher, with a design spout, allowing you to create latte art!

Oh, and it comes in gorgeous colors, like this holiday Empire Red!


Imagine wrapping your hands around a small warm cup, catching up with friends and talking about life. Espresso is an absolutely indulgent treat and can transport you from feeling chilly to cozy warm within seconds. It easily evokes feelings of warmth, comfort and nostalgia that people associate with this special season.



Coffee beans, ground to espresso grind
Cinnamon sticks, for grinding and for garnish
1 cup whipping cream
2 tablespoon powdered sugar
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg


Make sure the KitchenAid® Pro Line® Series Espresso Maker is turned on, and allow to heat up until the needle is on “ready.”

Grind the beans with a coffee grinder, and fill the portafilter holder.

Using a KitchenAid® Blade Coffee Grinder, grind the cinnamon to a fine grind and place on top of the espresso grind; lightly tamp.

In the meantime, whip the cream until barely thick; add the powdered sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. Beat for another 30 seconds-1 minute.

Place the portafilter holder onto the espresso machine and turn on. Allow for the infused espresso to run through, filling the mug with a creamy and golden brown espresso.

Place a small dollop of whipped cream on each cup. Garnish with half of a cinnamon stick. Serve.




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