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KitchenAid Dishwasher Buying Guide

By: The KitchenAid Team

STYLE  Design is one of the very first things you’ll notice in a dishwasher. One of the things you should think about is how it will complement your existing kitchen design. When looking to integrate a dishwasher in your kitchen, here are some things to consider: Do you want a white, black, panel ready, stainless

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KitchenAid Refrigerator Buying Guide

By: The KitchenAid Team

STYLE  There are a variety of styles to suit your kitchen, whether it’s for convenience, spacing, or design. Below are easy to follow explanations of common styles and how they can benefit your lifestyle: BOTTOM FREEZER The freezer is located at the bottom and can open with either a swing door or pull out drawer,

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Zucchini Carrot Muffins

By: Zainab Storms

In my family, brunch tends to be an under-appreciated meal. We throw foods together on a plate instead of planning the menu and savoring this relaxing meal. The combination of late breakfast and early lunch allows us to indulge in a heartier meal and linger over tea, coffee or mimosas. These zucchini carrot muffins will be

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Experiencing a new era in kitchen design

By: Laura Keogh

As a former beauty editor for a major fashion magazine here in Canada, I’m a veteran at product launch events. When you’re part of the fashion and beauty media you’re acutely aware that you are able to go to a lot of cool parties. And my favorite part of any event was always the interesting

gluten free caprese pasta hero


By: Alyssa Rimmer

Growing up in an Italian-American household, pasta was a staple on our dinner table. We didn’t often have fresh pasta, but when we did, it was a special treat. It was like the whole dish was transformed from something average to something spectacular. I have always adored fresh pasta, but when I removed gluten from


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