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By: Sharon, Pam & Maggy ofThree Many Cooks

Beef Wellington is a holiday classic, but cooking the priciest of beef cuts— filet mignon— is a challenge. At many butcher counters, filet sells for thirty dollars a pound. Even at the big box stores whole beef tenderloins—the cut from which filet mignons are butchered—are twenty bucks a pound. So improperly cooking filet isn’t like

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Turkey Souvlaki Sliders

By: Sharon, Pam & Maggy ofThree Many Cooks

It was four years ago this week that our family headed to Florida for a fun beach vacation. Lots of good stuff happened that week. On one of the many long walks, our blog, Three Many Cooks, was conceived. We celebrated Father’s Day too, and it was at that special celebration we each made a promise to eat less meat, so we could afford better meat.

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Tuesday Night Cassoulet

By: Sharon, Pam & Maggy ofThree Many Cooks

For years I made French cassoulet, that sausage, duck, and lamb-studded white bean casserole the classic way. Before assembly and the final bake, I’d cook the pork-flavored beans, braise the lamb, simmer the broth, and confit the duck. This dish was a serious commitment. My challenge was to simplify it, so I could make this


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